Adventure is for everyone

It’s food for your soul. Different people want different things from their adventures, so we’ve organised ours to help you choose yours.

We’ve arranged three different levels of adventure to help give you a better idea of what to expect, and we use pluses (+) to show degrees of difficulty or effort required within each level. A Gem is something that most will enjoy and has been chosen for its relative ease, but it’s still an adventure! If you’re thinking about an Epic ++, it may well take you near your limits.

Whatever your choice, all our adventures have been selected for their quality and value. We want to help keep your free time rich!

A range of walks, easy climbs, boat journeys… these adventures have been chosen mainly for their pleasure. You can expect such things as great views, reasonably energetic hikes or some scrambling, and perhaps a bit of excitement.

Missions have been created to give you some challenge. You will find adventures here that offer vigorous mountain walks, longer journeys and maybe some thrills – for example canoeing on moving water, tricky rock climbs or abseils into caves.

These trips are full-on adventures. You should be pretty fit and up for a test of your endurance or courage. The long walks or boat journeys will generally be over at least two days and will require some wild camping or bivouacking. The climbs and caves are likely to have some thrilling exposure and significant physical challenges, but they are by no means impossible!